lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

Anna is a holistic advocate, mother, and model via Canada that lives in Bondi Beach, Australia with her little one Banjo. She is a super inspiring mamma that is passionate about local and healthy food and is often found in the garden and kitchen with Banjo, teaching him about where his meals come from and how to prepare them.

She recently just launched her website Wilder, a visual journal sharing different women’s experiences of being a mother, as well as featuring her recipes and outlooks on holistic parenting.

Here she shares some snippets of her life with Banjo, who clearly inherited her love of healthy food and all things green.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

Name: Anna Feller
Location: Bondi Beach, Australia
What do you do: Model / mum / Wilder holistic children’s nutrition founder / baker / beacher

Today I ate… Hot water with organic lemon upon rising, spicy chai with coconut almond milk, Green wilderness from Orchard St , 3 plums, a big raw salad with sauerkraut & avocado, salmon & broccoli, nori & activated nuts, dark chocolate & a glass of rose.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

I feel the healthiest when… I wake early before Banjo, stretch or do yoga/pilates or boxing, swim in the ocean or adventure in the mountains, don’t eat wheat or dairy and am surrounded by loving energies.

Dietary requirements: Nada

You are very passionate about children’s nutrition. What are some of Banjo’s favourite foods?

Miso, broccoli, coconut yogurt, soaked Bircher with berries, chia pudding, coconuts, salmon and cucumbers.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

Has Banjo always liked healthy food? Do you have any tips you used to help him enjoy it more?

Banjo has always liked healthy food. I say teaching him where food comes from has encouraged him as well; he goes for real food over processed foods because of that. And by just always offering it to him, it’s what he knows.

Does Banjo ever help you in the kitchen? Always! I am very patient!

What do you always have in your cupboards: Quinoa amaranth pasta, avocados, cucumbers, green apples & lemons, nori, organic tinned tomatoes, chia seeds, garbanzo beans & tahini.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

Go-to meal: Crunchy salad nori wraps

Favourite snack: Tahini on apples

I’d like to do an eating tour of… Always & forever Italy

What was your relationship with food like when you were younger? Always quite good. My mum always had us in the kitchen and gardening, and whenever my sisters and I get together are always cooking something!

What do you eat to treat yourself? Luxury organic fruits like dragon fruit, activated macadamias, high quality oils and salts.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

Fruit or veggies? Veggies

Moderation with eating. Do you practice it? I try to, hah.

How does food make you feel happy? Knowing where it has come from and if it has come from close by that makes me feel happy for sure.

Best food advice: Eat local, sustainable, and organic produce.

lookbook cookbook anna feller wilder

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